A World We left behind

In an alternate future a great war has ravaged the world. Alternative and unconventional weapons have made the land barely hospitable and the very fabric of reality has been torn asunder. Humanity, nearly extinct, has been replaced by new cultures composed of the war machines left behind by battle. The Automates are a race of machines that assert their independence and largely continue humanity’s legacy. Meanwhile the Numalite Collective is a powerful hivemind, slowly expanding their territory and consuming the budding Automate society.

A mercenary group, The Unlucky Seven, has been collected via a mysterious invitation to take down destroy the center of the Numalite collective and perhaps, just maybe, learn who was responsible for nearly destroying the world.


But the Automates and Numalites aren’t the only new tenants of Earth. The distortions of reality have attracted beings from across space and from higher planes. Massive jellyfish like entities, known as Harvesters, feed off tears and expand the dimensional distortions. A race of Angel like beings, known as the Seraphs, have sent a representative named Samael to Earth with the intent to wreak judgement upon whoever is responsible for the damage done to the universe. And an ancient quantum repair program, known only has Dexter, has activated and taken a host in order to start repairing what has been done. They are joined by Wren, a super soldier with a prosthetic head and deep self-hatred; Vlatka, a defunct Numalite who acts as their guide; Proto, a hyper-advanced Automate with a secret; Cassandra, an expert swordswoman who went blind broke into a childish fight over her; and our protagonist Mic, an Automate with an alternate personality capable of horrible things.