Our Team


ted simon

Ted Simon came up for the idea of the Unlucky Thirteen all the way back in early high school. It was during classes that the first sketches of Mic, Wren, and other members of the crew were sketched. He continued the creation of this fiction throughout his years of college and began to seriously pursue it in the form of his senior year capstone.

Ted is the primary concept creator for The Unlucky Thirteen’s universe and handles all the illustration, story direction, fabrication, and company elements.


meghan kinnett

Meghan Kinnett has been a dear friend of Ted for years. She currently works as a contracted writer for Naked Lime. Outside of her company job, Meghan has been engaging in her own fiction writing for the better part of her life. The Unlucky Thirteen’s fiction is as much her story creation as Ted’s and would not be possible without her.

Meg is credited as being a writing consultant and has been critical in solidifying and refining characters and story elements. She also does additional voices, such as the character Cassandra.


Annie han

Annie Han and Ted went to school together at the University of Cincinnati's design program. There they became good friends and competitive industrial designers. As a designer Annie has done her own toy work as well as a variety of other products. Through her experiences at college, she began branching out into doing voice work and has become quite good at it.

Annie is credited as voicing Vlatka; a character she was born to portray.

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kyle hunkar

Kyle Hunkar and Ted met through a mutual friend and Kyle has been a critical part of a variety of projects. He’s an amerature music maker who is much better than realizes and a talented engineer.

Kyle voices Mic and does it extraordinarily.